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Dating back about 400 years from now, during the Edo period, this area along Kawagoe-Kaido was a lodging town called Ohi-Shuku

This place was called "Honjin" (an inn officially designated as a lodging for a daimyo in the Edo period. The direct translation is “troop headquarters”), and various people took a rest and stayed in. 

Saint Tenkai, the chief priest of Kawagoe Kitain Temple, rested at this place and headed toward Edo Caste for the meeting invited by Shogun Tokugawa. Lord of Kawagoe and his party rested here and went on to the Castle. Mr. Tadataka Ino, known for completing the first map of Japan using modern surveying techniques, restored his energy here and headed for the nationwide traveling on foot.

And now in the 21st century, in this historic place, we open a café where people gather and relax.


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